Blog hop results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop. I have taken all your email addresses, given them each a unique number and used the number generator at to pick a winner. I am pleased to announce that Catherine is the lucky winner of the $10 Amazon gift certificate.

The winner of the $100 Gift Card to EdenFantasys is andieleah from Donya Lynne’s blog, and the winner of the Digital Gift Basket is Rae from Lyric James’ blog.

I have also decided to award a bonus prize to Landry, who correctly guessed that Morgana “uses her feminine wiles to escape”. While writing the scene, I recalled advice I had been given many years ago on a European train, from a woman who claimed to be the step-daughter of Xaviera Hollander (of Happy Hooker fame). She claimed that in a dangerous situation that one senses is moving in the direction of rape, the quickest way to ensure one’s escape is to take the upper hand. I won’t vouch one way or the other for the usefulness of that advice, but I did use what it suggested about rape psychology to conclude the scene.

“Now little mouse, I don’t want to hear a peep from you.”

She felt the touch of steel against the swell of her breast. She ceased her struggling, knowing she could not move to avoid a knife she could not see. She nodded meekly, and the man, assured of her cooperation, took his hand from her mouth.
He kissed her. It was a vile, wet, stinking kiss. A fat tongue probed the inside of her mouth artlessly as he squeezed her bare breast and tweaked her nipple roughly.

His idea of foreplay concluded, he spun her round to face the wall and lifted her skirts with one hand. The other held the knife against her throat, as if she might otherwise forget that it was there.

Once her backside was exposed, he groped it eagerly. Once more she heard the rustling of his breeches as he freed his cock, and she felt the hard weight of it fall against her skin. His thick fingers probed in the darkness, seeking out his target.

Morgana was outraged. She was not a prude but she could not countenance being forced at the point of a knife. Not without her explicit consent, at least. She would accept his brutal attention but she would not take it meekly, like a timid maid.

“Lower!” she moaned breathlessly, hoping her pretense of enthusiasm might become actual enthusiasm with a bit of focused effort. “Oh, please, touch me lower!”

The man’s thrusting fingers ceased their searching and she felt the sting of a hard slap on her bare backside.

“I said not a peep from the little mouse.” He spanked her again. “Didn’t I?” One more smack, for good measure.

The sting of each slap traveled to her sex, where she began to feel the faintest twinge of desire. She moaned with exaggerated pleasure. “Oh, yes, you brute!”

The sailor was clearly not pleased by her feigned arousal. He grunted with frustration and clamped his hand over her mouth once more. She felt the head of his softening cock stabbing in the general vicinity of her cunny, which he seemed to be having trouble locating in the darkness.

Oh dear, thought Morgana, perhaps I shall help him.

Reaching behind her, she gripped his cock to guide it home, but there was not much left of his erection. Morgana felt somewhat disappointed. She had heard whiskey sometimes had such a deleterious effect.

The sailor recoiled from her touch, bellowing.

“You witch!” he cried, backing away, back into the moonlight.

She followed him out of the shadows, straightening her clothing, shaken but strangely excited.

Thank you all for participating, and I hope to see you again!

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Hot Summer Nights are Here!

Note: I only just realized I had my comments set to “approve first”. Apologies to all who commented for the delay, but rest assured your comments are safe and your names will be entered into the draw!

The Summer Nights erotica blog hop has officially begun!  Below you will find a list of the participating bloggers.  As you explore what we have to offer, be sure to leave comments to be entered into the prize draw.

As the Apprentice series follows the life span of a woman’s libido through a wonderland of regency-themed kink, I thought it would be appropriate to place each story in the appropriate time of year.  She was deflowered in a fertility ritual, a springtime event.  The next story I wrote for her takes place in the dog days of summer – the hottest, sweatiest part of August.   I later realized I should have written one in between, but we live and learn!  You will have to stay tuned for a little while to find out what happens to Morgana between Book 1 and Book 3, but in the mean time I will share an exerpt from The Apprentice’s Voyage, to be published in the imminent future for Kindle.

In this story, she is stuck on a becalmed ship with several dozen horny and superstitious sailors.  As time passes and the weather does not improve, they begin to resent her, believing she is unlucky and the cause of their lack of wind.  She spends her days cooped up in her sweltering cabin to avoid them, fearing for her safety.  Then…

As night fell, Morgana could hear from their clumsiness and slurred speech that the sailors were well and truly drunk.  After spending the whole day cooped up in the stifling heat, she decided to venture out and take in the freshness of the night air.

The full moon sat atop the glassy sea at the horizon, impossibly huge.  The beauty took her breath away.  She was happy to find herself alone, the lack of movement making watch shifts unnecessary.  The rowdy reverie of the sailors rumbled below decks.

Silver light poured over her as the cool night eased her restlessness.  She wandered the deck, enjoying her solitude.

When she came to the stern, she followed the edge of the ship to the starboard side, intending to make a complete circuit.  But if the port side had been awash with bright moonlight, the starboard deck was immersed in impenetrable black shadow.  She felt a pang of fear, but pushed it from her mind.  She was not a child, frightened of monsters lurking in the darkness.  She knew there was nothing lurking in the darkness that wasn’t there in the light.

She continued her circuit, picking her way forward with her hand on the rail.

She was nearly through the darkness when, all at once, she was consumed with a feeling of terrible dread.  There was somebody in front of her.  She couldn’t say how she knew, but she was certain of it.  She was paralyzed with indecision and could not move.

A deep, rumbling cough confirmed her fears.  There was a man here.  The sound rustling fabric, followed by the sound of piss hitting the water far below, reassured her that she had not been seen.  Whoever it was, this man was here for ordinary reasons having nothing to do with the simmering malice she had perceived earlier in the day.

She resolved to stay silent and still until he finished his business and returned below decks to his crew mates.

As fine a plan as this may have seemed, it fell to pieces when he finished his business, turned and walked straight into her.

His bellow of surprise was quickly suppressed as his hand, casting out for balance, came to rest on her breast.

“Oh!  What’s this then!  A little mouse, creeping around in the darkness!”

Before she knew what was happening, the man had pulled her up against him.

“What’s the matter, little mouse, your husband’s cock not enough to fill you?”

The man positively reeked of whiskey.  He pushed her back against the cabin wall and clamped a calloused hand over her mouth.  His groping hand found the top edge of shift and pulled it down roughly, leaving her breasts exposed to the night air.  Her nipples tightened at the chill.

She wriggled against his mass and slapped her arms against his back, but it was in vain.  He would not release her.

“Now little mouse, I don’t want to hear a peep from you.”

Well, what do you think?  How is Morgana going to get out of this conundrum?  Leave your comment below for a chance to win my $10 Amazon gift card and to be entered to win one of the Grand Prizes:

1:  $100 Eden Fantasys gift card

2: A digital gift basket of over 40 erotica books to fill your hot summer nights.

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Quickie: Paul’s Panty Palace

In my quest to maintain a reasonable level of productivity, sometimes I find inspiration in the strangest places.  I recently wrote a short (about 3,000 words) based on a silly situation I read about in a reddit thread.

Here is the true story that provoked me to write this little fantasy:

“We live in Kentucky and Paul’s friend from work showed him this website where they could buy discounted clothing from companies that are over stocked. They decided to buy a bunch of panties and ship them to Nigeria where Paul’s sister can sell them at their family’s store (His parents sell local items, so they don’t know how to import either).

Now we have big boxes of panties stacked up around the house. Paul found out that mailing the boxes to Nigeria costs a lot. I guess he should hire a trucker to take his boxes to the ocean and deliver them to a Nigeria bound ship, or maybe have them shipped by airplane?”

I wanted to capture the voice of the guy who wrote this, so the story is told in a first person male perspective.  Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“What do you think,” she asked.  Her self-conscious tone didn’t really gel with her “come fuck me right now” outfit.  It confused me a bit, and confused my rock hard cock all the more.  To top it off, she did a little pirouette, letting us see how her G-string rode up the crack of her beautiful ass.

“I think you look beautiful,” Paul said.  He just jumped right in there with the most boring possible thing to say while I was trying to think of the perfect answer, the asshole.  His accent even made it sound sexy, which I thought was kind of unfair.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.  Just like that, it was between the two of them, like I wasn’t even there.

She sashayed across the room toward him without a trace of her earlier insecurity.

Here’s how I found out how huge Paul’s cock is:  when that smoking hot bimbo got within a foot of him, his cock literally pushed the towel right off.  I don’t even know how that’s possible, but that’s what happened.  He had a really, really big cock.  Not that I’m some kind of hard-on connoisseur, but I’ve only seen one or two like that in my life, and that was in porn.


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Coming soon: Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop!

From June 20-24, I’m excited to announce I will be joining a number of other authors for an erotica blog hop promotion.

What is a blog hop?

Myself and a group of other bloggers will all write a post on the topic of “Hot Summer Nights”  by June 19.  From then until the contest closes on June 24th, readers can comment on my post or any of the others in the group (or as many as you like – there are over 60 to choose from).  A winner will be randomly selected for the gift card and every contributor will be forwarded to be entered into the grand prize draw.

What are the prizes?

I will be giving away a $15 gift certificate on through this blog and participants will be entered into the grand prize draw for a basket of dozens of hot titles, free, as well as a $100 gift card for Eden Fantasys online toy store.

How do I enter?

Look for my “Hot Summer Nights” blog post between June 19th and 24th and leave a comment below.  Make sure to include your email address in the relevant field while writing your comment (not in the comment itself) so you can be contacted if you win.  Rest assured it won’t be recorded and I will only be using it to contact you if you win something.

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The Consort’s Apprentice is getting 4 and 5 star reviews.

I published my debut novella last week.  I’ve been delighted with all the wonderful feedback I’ve received from readers.

The comments left by Brenda Boulour and D Janmaat have inspired me to write two more stories about this heroine and the evolution of her libido.  Stay tuned for The Apprentice’s Wedding and The Apprentice’s Voyage, coming soon to an ebook store near you!


Plot Summary

Morgana, recently blossomed into womanhood, is doing all she can to avoid the advances of the lecherous director of the orphanage she calls home. Her salvation arrives in the form of a mysterious woman who whisks her away to a dark castle. There, Morgana discovers a heady world of opulence and sensual pleasure – and learns she is captive to a sect of devotees to a terrifying, ancient god.

Reader Reviews

**** “Great smut. There are some really hot scenes once our heroine gets to the castle, and if I’m honest, the whole “lecherous orphanage director” thing was getting me pretty hot and bothered.” ~ Jennifer Martin

***** “Hot and Fun! In the old days, a novella this good would have been banned in the US, but nevertheless smuggled into the country by impassioned fans.” ~ Paul Sunstone

*****  “Great novella. It’s enthusiastically and skillfully written with a lot of steamy descriptions. You won’t be disappointed by the hot scenes that unfold!” ~ Lisa B

***** ” Lyre’s novella is a great, hot read – the style was perfect and I would certainly have read more if it was longer.” ~D Janmaat

“What a fun book. Steamy in just the right ways, with a page turning plot and interesting characters.  More than worth the price – would love another one!” Brenda Boulour

Get it on Smashwords

Get it on Kindle


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